December 22, 2011

a new resolution

I realize that it's a little early to 'start' resolutions for the new year, but everyone starts thinking about them around Christmas time, don't they? Now that I have another person to be responsible for, I feel like it's a good year to actually follow through on the things that I always want to do.

 So here is my list:
1. Grow a flowering plant from a seed.
2. Re-design my closet to maximize space.
3. Take baking classes.
4. Paint an elephant mural for the baby.
5. Stop eating McDonald's (seriously, because I eat it way too often).
6. Take out my sewing machine at least once a month.
7. Paint an entire picture.
8. Learn how to make croissants.
9. Make a perfect baguette.
10. Start volunteering at a garden or a shelter.
11. Design a baby book for the baby.
12. Finish the business plan for the bakery.
13. Finish my associate's degree in Accounting.
14. Take cake decorating classes.
15. Learn how to make candies.
16. Follow a financial budget.
17. Draw something every day (something small, or part of something big).
18. Keep up with posts in my blog!
19. Visit Tyler in Georgia and Aimee in California.
20. See Aunt Margie after the baby is born.
21. Learn how to knit.
22. Make more homemade jewelry.
23. Grow raspberries and strawberries in the yard.

Well, that's the list that I've got now. I'll probably add to it or change some of it soon.

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