February 14, 2012

'c'est la vie'

So, love everyone dearly, be happy with who you are, and always, always do what you want to do.

I do not have the words to write something inspiring right now; since I didn't know him very well, all I can say is that I had a fond impression of him, and will always wish his family peace and keep them in my thoughts.


Today is Valentine's day, and it's the first Valentine's day in (literally) eight years that I do not have a boyfriend or a 'date'. I spent part of the day remembering all of the dates and celebrations I've had on this day and, by far, one stands out among the rest. It's not a sad day! I quite enjoy remembering happy times, as everyone should, and realize that there is no point in longing for the past since it is no longer reality, only memory. I only remember happy memories :)

This morning I decided to do.... let's just say, a lot. I've only accomplished one and a half things so far (it's 4:15pm) because my shopping took up a better part of the day. I did make granola bars (I'll update with the recipe later), tiny, heart shaped hazelnut crisp cookies, and vegan hazelnut raspberry cupcakes (complete with glittered heart hazelnut candies... which I made myself!) Pictures, and then my sister and I are going out to dinner together as valentines :) (Lilli is our 'third wheel valentine!)

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