March 12, 2012

a wonderful celebration!

There are two important things to take away from this:
1. Never do anything complicated that you want to turn out perfectly when you have only had the minimum amount of sleep possible for the two nights previous,
2. Always remember that your friends and family will love you, no matter how ugly your cupcakes are.

This weekend my mom and sister hosted the "for friends" baby shower for me, and since I (obviously) live in the same house, I (naturally) wanted to have a large part in the planning... of the menu. First of all, we decided brunch would be the best meal to have- Mama says because people can come and then get on with their day (which is understandable... you all know that Sunday parties are better over sooner than later!). Also, everyone in the family is just unconditionally obsessed with breakfast. We all eat breakfast, every day, almost immediately after waking up. We love breakfast! However, since it's a little strange to have a 'breakfast' party, brunch was the next best solution. So we had: bacon and spinach quiches (made by my father, who has absolutely perfected his quiche recipes), a feta and leek pie (also made by my father; he is really, really good at one-dish-meals!), devilled eggs (my mama's specialty), shrimp dip (made by LT... I had what was left over for dinner tonight...), asparagus and goat cheese pizza, peach whirligig buns (recipe is here, except I did not use chocolate and almonds, but peaches and cinnamon instead), blueberry banana muffins, and cupcakes: raspberry white chocolate amaretto, lemon mascarpone, and dark chocolate lavender. Well! It was a lot of food but you know what, almost all of it got eaten!

Okay, now, everything did taste very good, and even the cupcakes turned out okay. Honestly, on Saturday night, Kara and I were up until the time changed working on those damn things. We made butter, instead of whipped cream frosting, and dropped curd out of the inside of a stuffed cupcake, and anything and everything else that could possibly go wrong went wrong. At one point, I put cornstarch in my frosting. Wth???

Anyway !

The shower was so nice, and I was so happy to see friends and neighbors that I haven't seen in a long time, and even to see the ones I have seen (probably) too many times ! Everyone was way too generous and I don't even know where I am going to put everything for the baby... it is such a wonderful thing to have friends who are (possibly) more excited than you are for the baby to arrive!

Much love!

 The cupcake table. I will post the recipes on another day, after they are really perfect.

 The 'crazy' cupcake! An amaretto cake stuffed with raspberry curd, topped with white chocolate buttercream and a raspberry meringue cookie!

 When my sister and I were little (4-6 years old) we had a babysitter named Becky.... this little girl is her 4 year old daughter! Time really flies... :)

The very proud mama-to-be ! [ me :) ]

Thanks to LT for the pictures!

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