January 8, 2012

already thinking about spring

This weather has me all sorts of turned around. I'm still expecting it to be fairly bright outside when I leave work every day, even though evidence in the past week proves otherwise. It's just too warm to possibly be January!

Yesterday, since it is supposed to be so warm for the next few days (and by warm I mean almost 50, which, if you are from Chicago, is springtime) I decided to try making Martha Stewart's Easter Cheesecake. It's actually easier (and tastier!) than the cheesecake I usually make, which I guess is more of a New York style cheesecake, although I can't honestly say I know the difference... Can anyone tell me?

Since I didn't have any oranges, I used the zest of two tangerines; I also cut all of the ingredients except the heavy cream by 1/4 because 1. I was afraid that my pan wouldn't be big enough (and honestly, it wouldn't have been) 2. My oven is calibrated incorrectly, or something, and bakes everything hotter than it should be (which is why I left the cream as it was and cut the sugar down) and 3. My family doesn't always eat my desserts: "Too many calories, I'm getting too fat for that shit," says my dad, as he grabs his belly with both hands and shakes it as hard as he can.

Anyway, do try to make this cheesecake. The almond flour crust is perfect for this recipe, and it is super easy. I put everything in one bowl and mixed it for like, 25 seconds. So good!

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