January 28, 2012

the most important meal of the day

Can you tell? I love breakfast. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see the sun, and have some tea, and start the oven, and have some fruit. I want to live in perpetual summer-morning-ness. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Last night it snowed, but the morning was still beautiful and sun was actually out today! Also, the tulips that I bought (to improve my crabby "I'm sick and don't like anything" mood) were faced towards the window after I moved them around, which always tickles me.

I've been working on some projects, but left my camera at work to track progress on work projects, so I'll share them when I get it back. I think you will really enjoy them :) (The pictures today were taken with my silly phone, so unfortunately they're not a very good quality, but I hope you can enjoy them anyway!)

Does anyone know where I can get some really good black currant (loose-leaf) tea? We're almost out!

ps: do you love the plate and bowl? I found this set at Goodwill last week with Lauren... an ENTIRE set! four dinner plates, small plates, and small bowls. One day, they'll have beautiful little dessert tapas on top of them in a beautiful little dessert tapas cafe called Albirdia... :)

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