January 2, 2012

the new year

I had started this post with a more personal story from the first day of the new year, but I think I'll keep that memory in my head and share with you the more fun part of the celebration!

New year's eve really was fun. Kara, Sara, Lisa, Kendra and I went to the bistrot and had a few drinks and then an AMAZING dinner, including some grilled asparagus, salads, lobster, scallops, shrimps, and a beautiful veal en croute that I was honestly shocked to hear my sister order as she doesn't normally eat anything that used to have lungs. The food was, as always, incredible, and I was so happy to start the new year with the girls that have made my life in the past few months so much easier. I wished that Lauren could have been there but she already had plans with her family, and we did go see A Christmas Carol on Friday. So it was almost like spending new year's eve with her. Anyway, the funniest part about being at the bistrot was that we were absolutely the youngest people there, and probably the most tired and least animated! That being said, it really was a good time and I will remember it as one of my favourite new year's celebrations ever.

I realized today that I am 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow- how time flies! Everyone says it, but the pregnancy seems like it will go on forever at the beginning when you're dealing with such varying emotions and feeling like you have the flu for two months straight. Now that it's more than half-way done, I feel like it's gone by faster than I even wanted it to! Tomorrow I'll have the glucose test done, which I am honestly a little nervous for, and in two weeks I go back to the special doctor to have another ultrasound done, and this time daddy is going with. I think he is excited... it's his first one! I can post the pictures when we get them, they should be really detailed now, since she's past the 'mostly developing' stage and into the 'mostly growing' stage.

Now, I have the next two days off so I have some big plans for those days. Besides the dreadful doctor's visit tomorrow (where I'm using my own insurance for the first time and will pay a co-pay for the first time in 8 years, yuck!), Luis and I will have lunch together tomorrow and I've just received an invitation to go to Kellyn's birthday party in the evening. I can't wait to see her- she's been in Louisiana since the summer! Also, I'd like to attempt the macarons again (the recipe for which is in French so I'll translate it and post it here for you) since last time I burned them and didn't whip my eggs long enough. I'd also like to make a cheese cake; last thing about the pregnancy for today is that I've been craving light, fluffy, creamy desserts. All. The. Time. Besides that, I'm going to try to finish my book and go looking for another one that I'll enjoy as much as I did this one (I'm adding the "Reading" gadget today, so you can see the title there). And, finally, I'll have a few (as in ten. literally.) rolls of film developed during the day tomorrow, from the last few vacations to Norris City, the camping trip that David and I took in the spring, some adventures on the beach with Rocko, and a lot of the food I've made over the past few months.

Happy Monday! See you all tomorrow!

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